In this day and agemenopausal symptoms are no longer taboo, and you don’t necessarily have to go to the doctor for a complicated procedure before you can feel like yourself again. Recent stories published by The Telegraph and numerous other newspapers, news sites and specialty medical magazines show that the aging process can be much […]

Women going through the difficult transition of the end of the menstrual cycle and fertility often have to take special precautions and keep track of their symptoms to avoid complications. It is also essential to have a fair amount of knowledge about the common age, signs and symptoms that you’d expect to experience before menopause-related […]

For some women it comes early, for others it arrives closer to their late 50s. Menopause-related problems, however, may appear when you least expect them, and you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge before being able to tackle them. Places like can help you find the ideal steps and precautions to consider […]

            Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the mainstream treatment recommended by doctors for countering the effects of hot flashes and aging. Women in their early 50s often struggle a great deal when it comes to focusing on their jobs and family concerns when dealing with these debilitating problems, but despite […]

Each and every woman has to undergo a natural process that puts an end to her fertility – menopause – and this is why we have to be prepared for when that moment comes and be aware of what brings menopause relief. Menopause usually occurs somewhere between your 40s and 50s and it brings along […]