If you go to the doctor complaining of some unusual symptoms that your physician has never heard to be menopause-related, he/she will likely dismiss it as “nothing” or send you to have a few completely unrelated tests – a course of action that may simply lead you to become unnecessarily agitated. The reality, however, is […]

Menopause-induce symptoms can be hard enough to deal with as it is. But for women going through premature (before age 40) or early (before age 45) peri-menopause symptoms, the potential dangers and difficulties that will be in store for the next few years will definitely be no joke. Going Through Peri-Menopause Early? If you’re below […]

A recently published news article on the Daily Mail has showed how many women are unable to come to terms with the fact that they’ve reached menopause age, or that their body is rapidly starting to change. A lot of them are taken aback by the changes, and they aren’t sure as to whether the […]

There’s a lot of talk about natural and doctor-recommended treatments. In the case of menopause, places like the Mayo Clinic will be quick to suggests mainstream remedies like hormone therapy, but have lately also been talking about alternative medicine and natural products quite a lot. Treatments Recommended by Physicians Estrogen therapy is considered to be […]

When it comes to menopause-related causes and symptoms, most doctors can tell you a lot. Science and statistics have showed us how the aging process progresses and what role estrogen plays in it for women. With a detailed understanding of the process and a focus on natural remedies and actions that could help make your […]