In dealing with menopause-related symptoms, many people choose the mainstream path in the hopes that they can get rid of problems like hot flashes and insomnia. However, not only does this symptom-oriented approach not help you too much, but medical treatments can often lead to side effects and complications that are extremely dangerous. Recent Findings […]

Are you confused about menopause-related problems and how they might affect you? Even though it’s not easy to deal with, gaining awareness about pre-menopause, post-menopause and all stages in between can help you prevent more serious ailments further down the line. The Stages of the Transition As shown by the Canada Drug Center, there are […]

After your whole life you were healthy and your periods were regular, suddenly everything gets thrown out of balance. This sentence pretty much sums up the frustration and confusion that most women naturally feel when faced with this challenging stage of their life. Understanding the changes associated with fertility is extremely important, since it’ll help […]

Knowing about the symptoms of menopause in advance and being aware of the possible complications they can lead to may help you with a great number of problems down the line. The experts at WebMD further emphasize this fact especially when you’re genetically prone to complications like osteoporosis, which will require advance measures and prevention […]

As shown in a recent article published by The Telegraph, the symptoms of menopause include things most women don’t really expect. The hot flashes are one of these symptoms, and as you’ll see they may be a lot worse than you assume. But there are several other important symptoms to keep track of, some of […]